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Our Business services are tailored to our    clients' specific needs.  We take you step-by-step through a needs analysis followed by a detailed, customized proposal.  Our services encompass strategic, operational, as well as "technical" understanding - ensuring that you get customized, cost-effective services that meet your exact requirements.

Enterprise Management 

Enterprise Management is the blending processes, procedures and technology that allow an organization to actively manage their business environment.  ModernTechs Enterprise Management Solutions include:
- Systems, Network, and Application monitoring.      
- Desktop & Systems Management.   
- Event Correlation & Scheduling.      
- Framework Planning and Implementation.   
- Enterprise Management Process Design.                                                - Return On investment Modeling (ROI).
Database Analysis and Design

Our database experts can analyze, design, develop and optimize your database needs.  Our experience with large scale industrial databases is the key for delivering complete, and easy to maintain database solutions.  Database Analysis and Design Services include:             
- Add a web focus to corporate data. - Robust architecture and flexible database schemes for mission-critical applications.                                        - Re-Design and/or consolidation of existing databases.                             - Design and implement data warehouses.        


All of our computer networking solutions are scalable, employ the latest technology, and use only the finest brand name hardware and software components.  The best part is - as your company grows and undergoes change, you can count on our solutions to have the flexibility to grow with your company.  Our Offerings Include: 

- Full service network analysis, design, installation, maintenance, optimization, and expansion.
- Dedicated and dial-up Internet connectivity solutions, including dial-up, ISDN, DSL, T1, and beyond.
- Solutions for Wireless LAN and the Internet.                                                    - Complete messaging and groupware solutions for e-mail, fax, calendaring, scheduling, reporting, and document management, specializing in Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook.
- Complete Local and Wide Area Network solutions, including site-to-site links, remote access, and Virtual Private Networks.

- Comprehensive network security solutions, including:

- Firewall installation and maintenance. 
- Automated data backup.
- Enterprise-wide anti-virus protection.                                                                 - Security audits/Policy reviews.                                                                           - Resource access control.                                                                                    - Disaster and Recovery implementation.



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Network Security  
                                                                                            ModernTechs provides a suite of Network Security Solutions to assist you in identifying and mitigating exposures that are present in enterprise's network infrastructure.  Services offered are: 

- Strong Authentication and Authorizations, such as Public Key Infrastructure.                                                                    - Intrusion Detection/Prevention System installation and monitoring.                                                                                 - Virtual Private Networks (Remote User Access).                    - Data Encryption and Cryptography.                                       - Policy, Guidelines, SOP, review and recommendations.           - Firewall design, implementation, and monitoring.                     - NSA guideline Penetration Testing by certified professionals. - Anti-Virus protection and updating/Anti-Spam software.

Infrastructure Assessment

In order to fully realize the business value of your IT investments, you must take into account the impact that changes to the environment will have on the underlying support infrastructure.  Poor capacity planning can result in increased costs, reduced network availability, and failure to meet required service levels.  From the desktop to the corporate WAN and the World Wide Web, ModernTechs Infrastructure Assessment provides innovative solutions for incremental growth, and scalable performance.

Our expertise is vital for those organizations seeking:

- Optimized, flexible network designs to improve performance of mission-critical processes and provide for future scalability.
- Assistance in capacity planning to meet both the current and future IT requirements of the organization. 
- Efficient migrations to high-speed networking technology to improve return on investment.                                                   - Professional project management to ensure timely completion of the implementation.  

ModernTechs IT Solution Consultants have the training, experience, and certifications required to assess, design, test, and implement high-speed networking infrastructures that meet your current IT requirements, improve productivity, and accommodate future growth.  In addition, ModernTechs IT Solutions' capabilities extend to providing an in-depth analysis of your mission-critical applications, through application modeling, to deliver recommendations on improving the availability and scalability of your vital networking environment.  ModernTechs IT Solution Consultants provide a complete Infrastructure Assessment to help you achieve optimized, secure, and reliable, high-speed networking.

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