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Founded in 2000, ModernTechs has   quickly become a leading provider of IT Solutions and Support Services for small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups.  Our mission is to help businesses fully realize the benefits of Information Technology by delivering cost-effective IT solutions and onsite support services that have a direct, measurable impact on improving their bottom line. 
Systems Integration

ModernTechs supports middleware that develops, integrates and manages your applications and systems.  Middleware enables both the integration of communication, processes and data and the automation of transaction capacity and systems management.  Middleware is built to handle your everyday business transactions.  Transactions you need to process quickly, reliably and securely.  Over many types of networks and across many platforms.  

Help/Service Desk

Assisting clients in improving and understanding Help/Service Desk services is a core competency of ModernTechs IT Solutions.  Based on our proven track record in the Help/Service Desk in-house management and outsourcing arena, ModernTechs Consulting has the skills, expertise and experience required to deliver comprehensive Help/Service Desk Consulting.  We will create the transition to an integrated Help/ Service Desk, to promote high quality, more cost-effective service that aligns to business objectives. 

  PC/Server Maintenance

ModernTechs provides professional management of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Applications and PC/Server Maintenance.  This service is perfect for companies that want to manage their own or outsource management of applications.  ModernTechs will deal with the ongoing hassle of tuning, securing and maintaining the operating system and system hardware.  ModernTechs will take the burden of ensuring your corporation get the proper services for your specific computers, servers, and operating systems.

Ensuring your applications are available and running at peak efficiency is a 24/7 responsibility.  ModernTechs offers comprehensive application monitoring and management so your customers and employees will be able to use your applications without interruption.  We offer a complete range of management services tailored to remove the headache of ensuring your applications are up and getting the proper maintenance. 



Google Search    
Corporate Intranet/Extranet
It is no secret that the knowledge-based economy is driven by computer technology.  To maintain a competitive edge, you need more from technology than file and print capabilities alone.  You also need a way to exchange information collaboratively, connect with existing data reliably, move files around securely, and access critical business information quickly.  Whether your company has 20 employees or 20,000, ModernTechs will work with you to solve your critical collaboration challenges.  Your intranet or extranet solution needs to scale as your company adds users and content, so it can grow with you as your business expands.                                                                        


ModernTechs IT Business Consultant Services can handle all of your E-Commerce Solutions.  E-Commerce and business analysis and marketing are ModernTechs specialty.  Web design, content management, intranet creation, e-mailing services, and database development are just some of the services offered by ModernTechs.  E-Commerce solutions often include easy-to-use shopping carts and search options, advanced relationship management including customer profiling, cross-sell/up-sell recommendations, e-mail marketing, and the exporting of data into offline accounting systems and financial applications.  Employing full time seasoned professionals from both the IT and Business Management industries has allowed ModernTechs to offer businesses a wide variety of product services to meet their specific business and industrial needs.  

Contact ModernTechs today at (817) 896-8838 for on-line access to our Web Design catalog.  

New Customer Specials

Contact ModernTechs today at (817) 896-8838 to find out about our current and on-going New Customer Specials. 

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